Why pasture raised pork?

West View Farm raises Old Spot crossed pigs on wooded pasture just how the breed was raised years ago.  While on pasture, the pigs have access to several acres of land to root up throughout the summer months. By rooting up that land they are an asset to the farm as they plow, aerate, and fertilize the soil to create new pasture to include into our rotationally grazing program.  

Our Pork

Our pasture raised pork is leaner than most commercial pork due to the amount of movement they get while living on wide-open land.  Our pigs graze on acreage they live on in addition to being fed free-choice locally produced grain.

How is our pork sold?

Each fall (October - November) we have pork available for purchase in individual cuts or by halves.  Occasionally a spring batch will be available for purchase in individual cuts or by halves. If interested in our pork products please contact us for availability and to purchase.  

How much does it cost?

Our pork can be purchased in two different ways: individual cuts or by the half.  

Pricing for the pork is based on hanging weight at the butcher, our pigs average hanging weight is 220lbs - 240lbs. For a half pig with processing the best price estimate is  $550 - $600. Contact us if you are  interested in purchasing a half or whole pig. There is a $100 deposit per half to secure your pig.

2019 Pricing Structure (halves)

 $4.60/lb plus $35 butcher fee

*price per lb includes cut/wrap fees

Pasture Raised Pork

Smoked Products:

Smoked Ham - $9/lb

Smoked Ham Steaks - $9/lb

Bacon - $12/lb

Jowl Bacon - $12/lb


Leaf Lard - $4/lb

Back Fat - $4/package

Bones - $4/package

Liver - $4/lb

Heart - $4/lb




Boston Butt/Shoulder - $10/lb


Spare Ribs - $11/lb

Country Style Ribs - $10/lb

Pork Chops:

Pork Chops (packages of 2) - $10/lb

Ground Pork/Sausage:

Ground Pork - $10/lb

Breakfast Ground Sausage - $10/lb

Sweet Italian Ground Sausage - $10/lb

Hot Italian Ground Sausage - $10/lb



2019 Individual Cuts