Why Galloways?

Galloway cattle are one of the longest established breeds of beef cattle, originating in Scotland during the 17th century.  For many, the Galloway breed was popular for their hardiness in all weather climates, docile temperament, and excellent mothering ability.     

Our Beef

West View Farm raises 100% grass fed, grass finished, pasture raised beef with no antibiotics or hormones. Eating grass fed beef provides us with a variety of health benefits. For example, while grass fed beef is leaner and lower in calories, it also contains more vitamin A and E along with more omega 3.  

Our beef is fed on a rotational grazing program which allows them to graze on different pastures eating a variety of different nutrients.  

Grass Fed Beef

How is our beef sold?

Since grass fed beef takes longer to “finish out”, beef is not always readily available for purchase.  However, when beef is available, it can be purchased in individual cuts and quarters.

How much does it cost?

When beef is available for purchase, the prices will vary depending on the carcass weight of the animal. Contact us for availibility and pricing.

2020 Individual Cuts 


Top Round - $9/lb

Bottom Round - $9/lb

Eye Round - $9/lb

Tenderloin -10/lb 

Shoulder - $9/lb


Ribeye - $15/lb

Sirloin - $15/lb

Sirloin Tip - $15/lb

Strip - $15/lb

Ground Beef:

Ground beef - $7/lb

Burger Patties (4 pack) - $8/lb


Brisket - $9/lb

Stew Meat - $9/lb

Kabobs - $9/lb

Organ Meat:

Kidney - $5/lb

Heart - $5/lb